Bobby Ramirez leads an exciting cast of musicians on his debut CD appropiately entitled "Ritmo Jazz Latino" offering a unique new sound, breaking away from traditional Latin Jazz and forging a new direction expanding beyond the "clave" and taking his audience to uncharted musical frontiers. Ramirez presents a multi-cultural entertainment experience of rhythm blending the colors of jazz with his Afro-Caban roots, offering some memorable melodies, original arrangements, great spontaneous musical interaction and improvisation.

"Ritmo Jazz Latino" is just that, a variety of rhythms that include: authentic Cuban danzon, Jaropo, samba and bossa nova, tango, funk, Jazz Latino balad, salsa, afro-Cuban Jazz and swing--all amalgamated as part of the new Jazz Latino infrastructure. Moreover, Ramirez explores new sounds and rhythms by expanding the boundaries of Latin Jazz featuring music from countries such as: Argentina, Venezuela, Cuba, Brazil and America.

On Ritmo Jazz Latino Bobby Ramirez brings his own unique voice of Jazz Latino fusion. An intense performer and improviser on the saxophone and flute, Ramirez holds a firm command of the jazz language drawing from a deep vocabulary of colorful sounds and rhythm. Ramirez can also be heard on two tracks on lead vocals, as well as some spontaneous jazzy scatting improvisation.