Currently, Bobby Ramirez presents his entertaining workshop performance and seminar Artist-In-Residence school programs

An essential part of our effort is to provide Jazz education to students, as well as young and adult audiences. Thus, bringing Jazz to where there is none to further our mission: to inspire, give love and happiness to 1,000,000 kids and families per year.

The following topics can be presented as part of a special event at a school, community center, conservatory, church, or music festival.

One-on-one instruction, Jazz workshop and seminars, mentoring and tutoring, also, leading small Jazz ensemble, or big band, couching about the business of music, rehearsal can be scheduled as part of an event.


  • Exploring free Jazz
  • Jazz improvisation 101
  • Jazz improvisation essentials
  • Developing scat-singing improvisation
  • Becoming a complete Jazz musician
  • Celebrating Charlie Parker
  • Celebrating John Coltrane
  • The Evolution of Latin Jazz
  • Developing a stylistic approach to Latin Jazz
  • Exploring the Jazz Blues
  • Working with a Jazz Rhythm Section
  • Essential listening for the Jazz musician
  • Developing good practicing rituals
  • Essential business of music
  • Developing a Jazz repertoire
  • Essential marketing techniques for the Jazz musician
  • Finding your unique Jazz "voice"
  • Jazz inspiration for young people
  • Exploring the Big Band era
  • Early Jazz development
  • Exploring the Brazilian Jazz Repertoire